Load the ship and win!

Jul 2022

Our goal was to activate and educate customers about Finnlines through the game. In the game player first needed to choose what route they would like to participate in and after that, they needed to load the ship with as many cars as possible before the ship left the harbour.

Campaign key numbers

+10 000


+8 000



Time spent per visit

Screen recording of gameplay

Hand drawn assets

When planning this game we had two goals in our mind: educate customers about Finnlines (routes and capabilities) and to collect newsletter subscribers. For the game we chose 3 main routes that we highlighted in the game and gave the players possibility to choose their personal preference.

Player needed first to choose their starting location (Helsinki, Naantali or Långnäs). Each harbour had their own custom background which made the game feel more than just a one game. After choosing the starting harbour player had 60 seconds to load as many cars they could to the ship before it would take off.

The game performed well and really resonated with the audience. This led to great results in the campaign.

Note: In the demo only the first route will work. (Naantali - Långnäs)

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